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A Rejoice Event is a two hour break in an increasingly rushed world.
It is a sensorial voyage, where one travels while sitting comfortably, amongst friends, in a pleasant space. Every two months, Guillaume Huret creates a new program designed to enchant our day-to-day.  The selection is very eclectic, gathering pieces that are unconventional and engage the soul; a subtle mix of timeless treasures, remarkable works and fresh new tracks to stay in tune with today’s sound.
The audio system is state-of-the-art high-fidelity, capable of producing an exceptionally warm, authentic sound, unadulterated and non-compressed. It’s more than a listening experience; it’s a trip into another world.
For the last 3 years, every General Public Rejoice Event has been a full house, attended by a majority of decision makers in the national and international professional spheres.

In addition to the events open to the general public, Rejoice has developed a catalogue of corporate presentations where music is used in a way that is different, relevant and innovative. This approach not only addresses a number of today’s issues linked to corporations, organisations and the people who work and interact there but also offers a moment to re-source, re-energise and fall under the spell of sound.
With an impact that is three-dimensional (physical, intellectual and emotional), music’s capacity to evoke and suggest makes it a powerful medium, offering a strong and lasting effect. 
Its appeal is international and transgenerational, making it accessible to all.

Examples of themes:
- Team building
- Embracing and making the most of change
- Boosting creativity
- Intergenerational relations
- Stimulating emotional intelligence

All of Rejoice’s services are available in French or in English, and can be rendered anywhere in the world.

Rejoice proposes you its expertise, its evenings and their customized content,  for your public, cultural, corporate or private events.

In addition to his talent of communication and animation, Guillaume Huret, graduate of Boston University and l'ESSEC, also is an international expert in corporate communication, corporate strategy and sound strategy. He proposes contents to companies, different from the usual catalogues (see the menu Founder). 

The expertises of Rejoice and Guillaume Huret are:

- Product launches
- Networking events
- Team building events
- Seminars
- Conferences

- Conferences linked to music (in all it's aspects: artistic, sociological, historical, technological) or linked to sound in general.
- Musical ambient of a space, an exhibition
- Musical thematic evenings

For parties or events:
- Musical quizzes (a real icebreaker)
- Mini Rejoice Evenings
- Music

Evenings to discover music (on the model of the Rejoice Evenings) 
Possibility to have the event organised at the Goethe Institute in Paris!
Or a small Rejoice Evening in the location of your choice.

We can customize the musical content according to your needs, a key word or a theme.
For your employees, your clients or your prospects.

Ambient music (exhibition, movies, places):
Corporate movies, internal or external, web sites, the call waiting delays.
Exhibitions, etc.

Ex: For the past 4 years, Guillaume Huret made the ambient music of all the exhibitions of the Bernardaud Fondation.

Animation (Shows, themes, quizzes, etc.):
The enthusiasm and the creative madness of Guillaume Huret draws the attention of diverse private people to accompany their events and assure a friendly and different atmosphere.

Musical quizzes:
The musical quizz is a great icebreaker for internal or external meetings whether national or international. In a few minutes, an adequate musical quizz can brighten up all an assembly. Make people lough and have even the shiest people participate, individually or in teams.
The quizzes can go from 30 to 60 minutes, before, during or after a diner or a conference.

Among the most solicited themes:

- Stimulate
- Think out of the box
- Identify new oportunities

- learn to listen (and not only hear)
- optimize the relations between the  employees
- Stimulate and develop this sense
- Listen to oneself

Let go: 
- Learn to stand back
- Learn to let go
- The keys to free the tensions, pressures and stress

Intergenerational relations management: 
- Develop the relation between two generation (particularly the generation Y and the seniors)
- Listen and discover others
- Find a resource, an opportunity in the other generation and not a threat.

Search of meaning:
- Give meaning, value and interest in a different approach, curious and relevant.