Rejoice puts the thrill back into music with a fresh and challenging approach, for an adult audience that is curious but short of time, in search of meaning, of originality and of relevance.
It is an invitation to re-connect with one’s inner self during an exceptional musical moment, a precious instant of acoustic enchantment dedicated to re-energising and a rare break from today’s stresses. 
Music, not as a fleeting entertainment but as a timeless source of emotion, pleasure and rejuvenation. 


Guillaume Huret presents
Inspiring & uplifting music for our lives… one song at a time.

A Rejoice Event  is a two hour break in an increasingly rushed world. It is a sensorial voyage, where one travels while sitting comfortably, amongst friends, in a pleasant space. Every two months, Guillaume Huret creates a new program designed to enchant our day-to-day.  The selection is very eclectic, gathering pieces that are unconventional and engage the soul; a subtle mix of timeless treasures, remarkable works and fresh new tracks to stay in tune with today’s sound. The audio system is state-of-the-art high-fidelity, capable of producing an exceptionally warm, authentic sound, unadulterated and non-compressed. It’s more than a listening experience; it’s a trip into another world. For the last 3 years, every General Public Rejoice Event has been a full house, attended by a majority of decision makers in the national and international professional spheres.

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They came, they listened, they said... 

 "Great evening tonight, its impressive how there is even more people. I really enjoyed the electro dancers, the producer, the giant book, the new sound amplifier Devialet... Just one regret: time goes too fast! I can’t wait for the next one."



"Dear Guillaume, Last Tuesday, Mathilde made me discover the Rejoice Evenings and I wanted to express my enthusiasm as well as my admiration. Your concept is fabulous and you defend it with communicative passion." 



"Guillaume, tonight like probably 90% of your audience, I've discovered and found true favorites... I would like to emphasize that the magic of Rejoice is the joy and enthusiasm you transmit! Bravo, bravo! And it is reassuring to see in Paris we still have many curious hears, ready to listen for two hours:) I love it!"



"Thanks again, once more we learned many things, and I think it is a real plus! The surprising  stories! Of course, the selection was great to!"



"Bravo, Bravo, Bravo! During two hours... you managed to make me forget my monthly meeting with my wife...During these two hours, I totally forgot to call the head of public relation, to pay the baby sitter, to call my dad about tomorrows lunch... During two hours, I didn't read my emails, my texts or answered my mother in laws calls... During two hours, I simply listened to amazing, diverse, and incredible music.   I was in peace!    Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!



"Hello and a thousand thanks for this beautiful evening. Each time is better than the last, we are on the brink of vertigo."

"The Rejoice Evenings! To rediscover the pleasure of listening to music and to share a rare moment where the time stops and the travel starts."

BUY BUY, the magazine of luxury and trends on Internet. 

"I discovered artists and tracks I didn't know, appreciated the sound quality, laughed a lot with my neighbours... I was transported and let my spirit unwind. I found a refuge... I got lost in the sound waves... I liked the mixed listening, presentations, discussions, Mazzoleni's talk..."